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The College of Education and Human Services is hosting a panel discussion on April 13, entitled

Public Education in the Trump Era: A Panel Discussion.
Please save the date!
Thursday, April 13
Time: 5:30 - 8:00
Place: 7th Floor Conference Center, University Hall

The election of Donald Trump has led to a dramatic shift not only in this country's leadership, but also in perceptions of some of our key democratic institutions.  Among those institutions are the media, the courts, and public education. 

Given our unwavering belief in the critical role of public schools in sustaining our democracy, we are sponsoring a panel discussion to examine the implications of the Trump administration for public education in the U.S.  Speakers will discuss the role of education in a democracy and explore the particular roles of education at national, state, and local levels.  They will consider the current and anticipated impacts of policies and actions of the Trump administration for education in national, state, and local contexts and point to ways we can support public education as a pillar of democracy.

The panelists will be Zoe Burkholder, Educational Foundations Department; Stan Karp, Education Law Center; Monica Taylor, Secondary and Special Education Department; and Leslie Wilson, History Department.

We hope you can join us.  An RSVP request will follow soon.

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Come and join us at our first Theater of the Oppressed Troupe meeting here at MSU

Tuesday, March 14th

5:00 pm-7:00 pm

University Hall, ADP Center, Room 1121


Are you angry and frustrated by the political climate in your local, regional, and national communities?

Would you be interested in joining a social action group that examines oppression?

 Do you want to find ways to take political action using Theater of the Oppressed?


We are looking for teachers, students, faculty, and staff who are interested in joining our TO Troupe.


Please RSVP or send any questions to Dr. Monica Taylor at


Theater of the Oppressed believes in:

  • The essential dignity & human rights of all human beings
  • Questioning and curiosity
  • Change is possible
  • Creativity is necessary, accessible, and universal
  • Solidarity and the collective are necessary



****This TO troupe is generously sponsored by the Center of Pedagogy and Kappa Delta Pi.

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Calling MSUNER High Schools:

Apply for the recognition you deserve! Help celebrate public education!


The National Education Policy Center just launched the third year of NEPC's Schools of Opportunity recognition project.

The new website lists the application criteria derived from the book, Closing the Opportunity Gap. The general idea is to recognize schools that are using evidence-based strategies to increase educational excellence and equity.

The Washington Post AnswerSheet provides more detailed information:

For more information on how to apply, here is the full press release

You may also contact:

Kevin G. Welner
Professor and Director
National Education Policy Center

School of Education

University of Colorado Boulder
(303) 492-8370

'Like' the NEPC on Facebook | Follow @NEPCtweet on Twitter


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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

3:45 - 5:00 PM

University Hall, Lecture Hall Room 1050

This session is an opportunity for you to learn about this new NJDOE assessment requirement for certification for all student teachers in New Jersey.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Introduction to the edTPA
  • NJDOE Timeline for Implementation
  • Acceptable forms of support from Cooperating Teachers
  • Video Recording Safety and Security
  • Your questions and concerns

 Dr. Connie Donvito, Director of the MSUNER and Samantha Romano, edTPA Teacher Assessment Coordinator, will be facilitating the session.

Register here

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Rooted in the initial struggle of community members who staged a successful hunger strike to secure a high school in their Chicago neighborhood, David Omotoso Stovall’s Born Out of Struggle focuses on his first-hand participation in the process to help design the school. Offering important lessons about how to remain accountable to communities while designing a curriculum with a social justice agenda, Stovall explores the use of critical race theory to encourage its practitioners to spend less time with abstract theories and engage more with communities that make a concerted effort to change their conditions. Stovall provides concrete examples of how to navigate the constraints of working with centralized bureaucracies in education and apply them to real-world situations.


BORN OUT OF STRUGGLE: An Evening with David Stovall, Ph.D.
MARCH 23, 2017
6:00-8:00 PM
The Center for Environmental and Life Sciences, Room 120

Co-sponsored by: African American Studies, Center of Pedagogy, Early Childhood, Elementary and Literacy Education, Montclair State University Network Educational Renewal, Newark Montclair Urban Teacher Residency, Woodrow Wilson Fellows Program

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Dear Colleagues, Shipmates, and Friends


Attached please find a new contribution, ANTARCTIC ADVENTURES: Life Lessons from Polar Explorers, designed for adolescents and older who would benefit from taking more control of their own lives, setting and achieving reasonable life goals, solving problems, becoming more inquisitive and reflective.


The book is richly illustrated with life lessons from various polar explorers, including the author, NASA astronauts, engineers and leaders in business and sports. It could serve as a resource for a variety of units and as a guide for independent study.


I hope you will consider sharing this announcement within your own networks.


Many thanks for your consideration and best wishes,


John Barell

Seek your own Antarctica for Success



Antarctic Adventures provides an approach for parents, teachers and community mentors to guide and advocate success for all children regardless of their environmental challenges. The resiliency skills described throughout John’s story, the critical thinking, reflective activities, and the problem-based survival strategies integrated throughout the book provide the firm foundation for any young adult to achieve his or her dream.


Dr. Mary Ann Burke, CorwinPress Author, Co-Founder of The Generational Parenting Blog at


Thanks for gathering so many life lessons from real heroes who have changed the lives of so many with their courage, dedication to purpose, understanding and exploration of the unknown.

 Dale Jacobs, Veteran Antarctic Specialist 




Photo of Mt. Erebus, Ross Island, Scene of Scott's Last Expedition and lessons on surviving brutally cold conditions.

Courtesy Dr. Sylvain Pichat,  Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon




Book Contents:

Be all you can and want to be by taking control of your life, dreaming big, imagining futures you can achieve, solving problems, becoming more inquisitive, thinking critically, building teams, making discoveries and being reflective. Life lessons from polar explorers, astronauts, NASA engineers and sports leaders.


Audience:  Adolescents and older




Learn from Sally Ride how to prepare

for unforeseen possibilities:


"Be inquisitive to a fault."

Dr. Sally Ride, Astronaut, Pioneer

Space Shuttle Challenger




Please Forward and Share with Colleagues

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NEPC Launches Third Year of Schools of Opportunity Recognition Project: Public High Schools Encouraged to Apply

Key Takeaway: 2017 Schools of Opportunity Application NOW OPEN. Applications due May 1, 2017.

BOULDER, CO (January 30, 2017) - The 2017 Schools of Opportunity application cycle launched today at Building on the success of the past two years, the National Education Policy Center at CU Boulder will again recognize public high schools that are creating remarkable opportunities to learn for all their students. The application deadline is May 1, 2017.

Schools that apply are asked to demonstrate how they work to close opportunity gaps across a range of key areas. The NEPC derived this set of opportunity measures from the expertise shared by top researchers in Closing the Opportunity Gap, the 2013 book published by Oxford University Press.

Two criteria are required of all applying schools: (1) broadening and enriching learning opportunities and (2) creating and maintaining a healthy school culture. Applicants also select, from a menu of eight additional criteria, four that best represent how their school is responding to its unique local needs. All ten criteria are described on the Schools of Opportunity website, along with the scoring rubric used by the evaluation teams.

NEPC designed the Schools of Opportunity project as a way to highlight the nation’s best schools and practices, shifting away from the nation’s imbalanced focus on standardized test scores. “Even in the face of stark inequities across our social and economic systems, as well as our education system, every school can adopt research-based best practices,” says Project Co-Director, Dr. Linda Molner Kelley. “The 37 Schools of Opportunity recognized over the first two years of the project illustrate how all schools can work to provide great opportunities for their students.”

Along with Dr. Kelley, who is the former Assistant Dean of Teacher Education and Partnerships at CU Boulder, the project is led by Dr. Adam York, the Project Manager, and by NEPC director and CU-Boulder School of Education Professor Kevin Welner. The Ford Foundation and the NEA Foundation both provide funding to support the project.

Each school’s application will be reviewed by a team of evaluators from across the nation, including educational researchers and current and former school leaders. Finalists are selected based on narrative responses as well as data and other evidence submitted. Site visits to top schools are also a vital part of the project. Educators have found that the application process provides a rich opportunity for high school teams to work together to reflect on their strengths, assets and areas of potential improvement.

Recognized Gold and Silver schools will be announced in winter 2017 in the Washington Post Answer Sheet blog and other media outlets. Applications are welcomed until May 1, 2017, with all nomination information and forms available online at:

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