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Attached please find a new contribution, ANTARCTIC ADVENTURES: Life Lessons from Polar Explorers, designed for adolescents and older who would benefit from taking more control of their own lives, setting and achieving reasonable life goals, solving problems, becoming more inquisitive and reflective.


The book is richly illustrated with life lessons from various polar explorers, including the author, NASA astronauts, engineers and leaders in business and sports. It could serve as a resource for a variety of units and as a guide for independent study.


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John Barell

Seek your own Antarctica for Success



Antarctic Adventures provides an approach for parents, teachers and community mentors to guide and advocate success for all children regardless of their environmental challenges. The resiliency skills described throughout John’s story, the critical thinking, reflective activities, and the problem-based survival strategies integrated throughout the book provide the firm foundation for any young adult to achieve his or her dream.


Dr. Mary Ann Burke, CorwinPress Author, Co-Founder of The Generational Parenting Blog at


Thanks for gathering so many life lessons from real heroes who have changed the lives of so many with their courage, dedication to purpose, understanding and exploration of the unknown.

 Dale Jacobs, Veteran Antarctic Specialist 




Photo of Mt. Erebus, Ross Island, Scene of Scott's Last Expedition and lessons on surviving brutally cold conditions.

Courtesy Dr. Sylvain Pichat,  Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon




Book Contents:

Be all you can and want to be by taking control of your life, dreaming big, imagining futures you can achieve, solving problems, becoming more inquisitive, thinking critically, building teams, making discoveries and being reflective. Life lessons from polar explorers, astronauts, NASA engineers and sports leaders.


Audience:  Adolescents and older




Learn from Sally Ride how to prepare

for unforeseen possibilities:


"Be inquisitive to a fault."

Dr. Sally Ride, Astronaut, Pioneer

Space Shuttle Challenger




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