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The Critical Urban Education Speaker Series
at Montclair State University presents
Dr. Rosa L. Rivera-McCutchen
with DJ Justis and Poet Alisha Diaz
Radical Care: Leading for Justice in Urban Schools 
Thursday, October 21 at 5:30 p.m. EST via Zoom
In her new book Radical Care: Leading for Justice in Urban Schools, Dr. Rosa L. Rivera-McCutchen argues that care, as typically described and enacted, is not sufficient for leading schools, particularly those serving Black and Latinx children. Instead, school leaders need to embrace radical care. During her talk, Dr. Rivera-McCutchen will outline the five components of radical care—adopting an antiracist stance, cultivating authentic relationships, believing in students’ and teachers’ capacity for excellence, leveraging power strategically, and embracing a spirit of radical hope—while sharing vignettes from her personal experiences and research that exemplify each of the components. Calling for educators to thoughtfully challenge existing structures that reproduce inequality, Radical Care offers a much-needed framework that will guide practice with a sense of urgency and a spirit of hope. Purchase the book here


This event is free and open to the public. ASL interpretation and live transcription will be provided.


The Critical Urban Education (CUE) Speaker Series is a bi-annual event bringing leading national scholars to Montclair State University. CUE provides a forum to develop attendees’ racial and political analysis through a series of lectures and workshops focused on social and cultural issues influencing urban schools and communities. Learn more and watch previous talks here.

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Fall Offerings

Set your intentions for this new year & join us for one of our latest workshops!



Loving Me Enough to Just Be: Honoring the Self to Authentically Develop Your Capacity

September 14th or 16th at 7pm EST

Has your school asked you to take care of yourself, moments before sending another long list of things you must do on top of all of your actual responsibilities? Are you feeling burned out and overworked already?

Anti-racist practitioners understand the importance of resisting grind culture to honor their care. This live workshop is a call to action for all educational practitioners. It will empower, inspire, and motivate all participants to shift their mindsets toward wellness as a point of entry for developing an anti-racist praxis. The Loving Me to Just Be session will also challenge schooling institutions to evaluate their culture and values to reimagine new systems where educators can thrive as their authentic selves. Sign Up Today 

5 Considerations for Anti-Racist LGBTQ+ Affirming Schools 

September 21st or 29th at 7pm EST 

 Price: $125 


Move from one-off LGBTQ+ implementation to a more systemic, intersectional and equitable approach.


Join educator Bex Mui, M. Ed (she/her), creator of Decolonizing Gender, to gain practical yet transformative skills through these 5 key considerations.


School leaders and admin will also be guided through action planning that meets them where they are, highlighting achievable steps towards creating a more welcoming school for all.

Register now!

Self-Paced Mini-Courses

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Resources for Teaching 9/11 & New Live Workshops

Curated by: Ashley Y. Lipscomb, Brittany Spatz, and Mary T. Perez 

Resources for Caring for Muslim Students When Teaching 9/11

by AYL

As we embark upon the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we are reminded by Teaching While Muslim that Muslim students and their families are still suffering the consequences of the “War on Terror” and are witnessing the oppressive tactics and policies against Muslim nations from the very country they live in. On top of all of this, Muslim students are still living in a global pandemic, those living in New Orleans and the northeast are still recovering from the devastation of hurricane Ida, facing legal discrimination against women in Texas, watching the heartache in Afghanistan persists, protesting for a free Palestine, and so much more. I center all of this as a reminder that Muslim students across our country and the globe are holding a lot this year, which means that anti-racist educators actively care for and center the experiences of Muslim students and their families by doing the work!

Below are some great resources to help guide you:


Muslim Studies Curriculum: a collaborative project between CAIR-NJ and Teaching While Muslim: a K-12 resource that provides rationales, essential questions, enduring understandings, misconceptions, classroom resources, background resources, books, and so much more!


Learning for Justice Resources: a quick search query with several articles, lesson plans, and approaches for combating Islamophobia when teaching 9/11. 


Critical Connections: an approach to teaching 9/11 while caring for Muslim students and their families. 

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Have you ever felt overextended and burned out? Has your school asked you to take care of yourself and then send another long list of things you must do on top of all of your other responsibilities?  

Anti-racist practitioners understand the importance of resisting grind culture to honor your care. This live workshop is a call to action for all educational practitioners. I
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