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Jumpstart For a Day is an annual festival celebrating

literacy and family engagement in the communities that we serve. Jumpstart

MSU is partnering with the YMCA of Newark on their Healthy Kids Day. This is one

of Jumpstart's biggest events where local organizations and families of the

Newark community come together for a full day of festivities. There will be fun and exciting activities that children and their families can enjoy!


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Attention teachers interested in obtaining Clinical Faculty Status as well as appointed members that still need to complete the 3 required Clinical Faculty Workshops!10813987661?profile=originalThe MSUNER will be offering all 3 required Clinical Faculty Workshops in June. 


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Call for Manuscripts - NNER Journal 2019

The Role of Women & Girls in Fostering Democracy in Schools

The 2019 NNER Journal, Education in a Democracy, will explore periods of focus on women’s access and achievement within the educational arena and opportunities where the field of education might prioritize an inclusive study of the issues, challenges, and social gains (contemporary and historic) impacting the educational experience of women and girls.

Exposing the Inequities: What are the issues? What are the needs? If balance across fundamental social issues is critical to the publics’ perceived road to success, we must first seek balance in our education leadership. While research suggests that educational preparation, professional mentorship, response to job demands, personal life status, and career trajectory for men and women are similar, “men are still four times more likely than women to serve in the most powerful position in education, and both women and men of color are still grossly underrepresented” (Robinson, Shakeshaft, Grogan & Newcomb, 2017, np). Furthermore, women make up an average of 75% of education professionals, but hold only 30% of the leadership positions in education (Morey, 2017). Beyond issues concerning women in positions of educational leadership, we also wrestle with significant problems of school pushout among African American girls. Morris (2016) argued that the traditional framework of the “school to prison pipeline” has largely focused on the experiences and conditions affecting Black males. We continue to find that adopting a one-dimensional gender lens to address important work on inequality, exclusion, and the pushing of students away from schools and into systems of criminal justice invariably limit our full understanding of this phenomenon.

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Initial submission due to editor by June 15th. 
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