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       Music Composed By Children During The Holocaust

K-12 Interdisciplinary Holocaust Education Workshop for Music Teachers, K-5
classroom teachers and 6-12 Social Studies and Language Arts teachers.

       Dr. Tamara Freeman

             Saturday, February 2, 2019, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
         John J. Cali School of Music (Chapin Hall), Room G55

The youngest victims of the Holocaust (1939-1945) boldly chronicled their
unspeakable hardships through their original melodies and poems while interned
in ghettos and concentration camps.  It is up to us to inspire our students to
strive for social justice by learning the stories, prose and music of Hitler’s
must vulnerable prisoners.  Dr. Freeman will provide pedagogical strategies
and lesson plans that weave together citizenship, English, social studies and
archival Holocaust music.

Fees and Online Registration: Free
for faculty who register.
Questions?  Contact Dr. Lisa DeLorenzo,

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Too often in these days, words like "humanities" and "languages" are associated with the word "crisis." Yet, it is by looking at innovation in the field of education that we can identify new paths to attach renewed meaning to these disciplines. Such innovation rests on synergies across education levels, disciplines, and public and private entities.

Join us on Thur Nov. 15 at 4pm for a roundtable of educators, representatives of organizations and governmental offices, as well as students, to learn about new summer projects launched two years ago in Italian in order to respond to the current challenges -- an intensive on campus course for high school students and two internships (in Business and Translation) with an international component. We are truly pleased that MLA (Modern Languages Association) Executive Director, Paula Krebs, will give the introductory speech to place these efforts in the larger context of innovative initiatives in education.

Once again, Italian functions as a use case to illustrate projects that can be adopted in many different directions as part of collaborations. While geared towards people active in the humanities to address issues of enrollment, retention, outreach, and employment opportunities, the program aims at reaching a broad and mixed audience since education is at the core of any social and economic endeavor.

RSVP Required By Nov. 13th

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CLEAR will bring in special guest speakers from FRS-NJ and Apple education to discuss the 3 key themes of that program—Leadership, Education and Classroom Practice and Technology Support and Services.  

There will be an overview of the program’s  success to date, the new  indicators being released, and hands-on groups working time  to discuss and  delve into the indicators.  To register, please visit:

 For more information, please email and/or see our flier at:


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