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New! P-12 Computer Science Education - Certificate (Online)
Broaden your knowledge and teaching opportunities in computer science education.

Are you teaching, preparing to teach, or interested in teaching computer science education? The College of Education and Human Services is now offering a 15-credit, fully online certificate in P-12 Computer Science Education.* Coursework will cover computer science content, including coding, programming, problem-solving through computational thinking, equity and diversity in Computer Science fields, and research-based methods of teaching Computer Science. Learn more at the P-12 Computer Science Education webinar on Wednesday, September 30 at 4 p.m. EST.
*Pending State Review. Application for Spring 2021 will be available mid-September.

Virtual Learning for Students with Disabilities - Certificate (Online)
Gain skills in the most up-to-date instructional technologies and assessment methods to affect student learning outcomes.

Montclair State University is offering an online certificate in Virtual Learning for Students with Disabilities specifically designed to address the urgent challenges teachers and students are facing right now.* The two course program includes immediately applicable tools and strategies you can transition from teaching in the classroom to providing virtual instruction. This program is not just about learning new apps and programs; it’s about understanding how to use technology to create an interesting, inviting, and engaging virtual classroom for all students. Learn more at the Virtual Learning webinar on Wednesday, September 23 at 4:30 p.m.

*Pending State Review. Students are able to take program coursework at this time by submitting a Non-Degree application to The Graduate School.

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Montclair State University Network for Educational Renewal (MSUNER)

Black History Month Celebration

Sponsored by:  MSUNER District Operations Committee

Laleña Garcia

(luh•LAIN•ya gar•SEE•uh, She/Her)


"Introduction to the Author and Book Read Aloud"

Readings by local people of color who have authored children's books,


(Thursday, February 25th, 4 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.)


The book was originally self-published as a collaboration between Garcia, a kindergarten teacher, and Davidson, a high school art educator, as part of their work with the Black Lives Matter @ Schools organization. Davidson observes, “Many people do not know that the BLM Global Network is rooted in the guiding principles that we explain and illustrate in this book—even people who have been actively supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. As children use this book, they are invited to share with their teachers, parents, and other adults how they experience and understand these principles according to their own lived realities.” In adapting the principles for a child audience, Garcia says, “I thought about the developmental needs of young children, the ways in which many of the principles mirrored the environments created in early childhood classrooms, and the support teachers might need in talking about a movement that some people saw as ‘controversial’ or ‘political.’”


Both creators agree these principles are visionary in nature—not reactionary. “They construct a vision for a world in which Black lives unapologetically matter, a world in which saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a given and never a threat; a world in which collective life is organized to restore and uplift rather than deplete Black women, Black families, queer and trans folks—and ultimately, they envision a racially just world in which white and BIPOC people are healed from the impacts of white supremacy.”


The earlier edition of the book was widely adopted by educators across the nation, and this extensively revised version has been informed by Garcia’s experience in sharing the principles with her own students and the feedback she received from other readers. “I keep hearing from teachers of high school and middle school students that the language I use, while very simple, is helpful for them in beginning to have conversations with students who have never talked about race,” she says. “I realize this is because in this country, we are all about five years old when it comes to talking about race: it’s not encouraged, so we don’t do it, which means we don’t get any practice, and so we’re not very good at it. While I wish this weren’t the case, I feel proud to have made a contribution that supports educators from pre-K to grade 12.”

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Hello Colleagues,
This article: CARE-ED Shift to Online Education During and Beyond COVID-19 is an interesting read of the impact COVID-19 has on learning during the pandemic.  Dr. Kumashiro is an Educator in California and a member of the Education Deans for Justice and Equity.
There will also be a webinar on the impact of the Pandemic on Friday, September 11, 2020, with speakers we are all familiar with.  "The Shift to Online Education During and Beyond the Pandemic".  Speakers include Christine Sleeter, Alison Dover, Ruchi Agarwal-Rangnath, Roxana Marachi, and Kevin Kumashiro.  
REGISTER HERE:  Please encourage others who might be interested to check out our brief and join the webinar.  Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there!
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Muslim American Teacher Survey


Research Participants Wanted

Reclaiming ME, a Muslim Educators Research Collective, is conducting the first national study of Muslim American teachers.  


Are you a Muslim American teacher? Do you know a Muslim American teacher? 


  We are looking for folks who: 

  • self-identify as Muslim (with varying degrees of religiosity or who identify with Muslim as a cultural category)

  • represent any racial or ethnic background

  • teach in public K-12 schools in the U.S. 

  • are adults over 18 years of age who can provide consent

  • would be willing to complete a 15-20 minute online survey


Participants are invited to complete a 15-20 minute survey. They will be asked to answer questions about their own experiences as teachers. 

We are raffling off two iPads and all participants who complete the survey are eligible to enter the raffle.

Questions, please contact:


This study has been approved by Montclair State University’s Institutional Review Board IRB-FY17-18-983


Please use the QR Code to access the survey. 



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Fall Offerings

Set your intentions for this new year & join us for one of our latest workshops!



Loving Me Enough to Just Be: Honoring the Self to Authentically Develop Your Capacity

September 14th or 16th at 7pm EST

Has your school asked you to take care of yourself, moments before sending another long list of things you must do on top of all of your actual responsibilities? Are you feeling burned out and overworked already?

Anti-racist practitioners understand the importance of resisting grind culture to honor their care. This live workshop is a call to action for all educational practitioners. It will empower, inspire, and motivate all participants to shift their mindsets toward wellness as a point of entry for developing an anti-racist praxis. The Loving Me to Just Be session will also challenge schooling institutions to evaluate their culture and values to reimagine new systems where educators can thrive as their authentic selves. Sign Up Today 

5 Considerations for Anti-Racist LGBTQ+ Affirming Schools 

September 21st or 29th at 7pm EST 

 Price: $125 


Move from one-off LGBTQ+ implementation to a more systemic, intersectional and equitable approach.


Join educator Bex Mui, M. Ed (she/her), creator of Decolonizing Gender, to gain practical yet transformative skills through these 5 key considerations.


School leaders and admin will also be guided through action planning that meets them where they are, highlighting achievable steps towards creating a more welcoming school for all.

Register now!

Self-Paced Mini-Courses

Learn With Us
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Montclair State University Network for Educational Renewal

Black History Month Celebration

Sponsored by: MSUNER District Operations Coordinators


"Introduction to the Author and Reading"

Readings by people of color who have authored children's books, once each week

(this Thursday, February 18th, 4 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.)

“A Visit to the Bahamas from A-Z” by Veronica McFall

Password: 157624


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Resources for Teaching 9/11 & New Live Workshops

Curated by: Ashley Y. Lipscomb, Brittany Spatz, and Mary T. Perez 

Resources for Caring for Muslim Students When Teaching 9/11

by AYL

As we embark upon the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we are reminded by Teaching While Muslim that Muslim students and their families are still suffering the consequences of the “War on Terror” and are witnessing the oppressive tactics and policies against Muslim nations from the very country they live in. On top of all of this, Muslim students are still living in a global pandemic, those living in New Orleans and the northeast are still recovering from the devastation of hurricane Ida, facing legal discrimination against women in Texas, watching the heartache in Afghanistan persists, protesting for a free Palestine, and so much more. I center all of this as a reminder that Muslim students across our country and the globe are holding a lot this year, which means that anti-racist educators actively care for and center the experiences of Muslim students and their families by doing the work!

Below are some great resources to help guide you:


Muslim Studies Curriculum: a collaborative project between CAIR-NJ and Teaching While Muslim: a K-12 resource that provides rationales, essential questions, enduring understandings, misconceptions, classroom resources, background resources, books, and so much more!


Learning for Justice Resources: a quick search query with several articles, lesson plans, and approaches for combating Islamophobia when teaching 9/11. 


Critical Connections: an approach to teaching 9/11 while caring for Muslim students and their families. 

What We're Reading

Special Coaching Offer

Need some more support?
To assist with your back-to-school lesson planning, we are offering a HUGE discount on our one-to-one coaching. Until September 30th, you can receive private coaching for only $35. That is hands-on feedback for lesson plans, unit plans, questions you have, processing what is happening, etc.

Don't Miss Our Live Workshop Next Week!

Have you ever felt overextended and burned out? Has your school asked you to take care of yourself and then send another long list of things you must do on top of all of your other responsibilities?  

Anti-racist practitioners understand the importance of resisting grind culture to honor your care. This live workshop is a call to action for all educational practitioners. I
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Montclair State University Network for Educational Renewal

Black History Month Celebration

Sponsored by: MSUNER District Operations Coordinators


"Introduction to the Author and Reading"

Readings by people of color who have authored children's books, once each week

(this Friday, February 5th, 4 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.)


“Nuri’s Tinkle Collar” by Ms. Jasmine Johnson



Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
    Password: 012501
Or iPhone one-tap :
    US: +14086380968,,86230307782# or +16699006833,,86230307782#

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Attention Elementary Educators!

You are invited to participate in a study that looks at the systems and processes that were/ are in place for primary school teachers to support teaching and learning of primary-level maths during the COVID-19 crisis.  
The purpose of the study is to gain more detailed insights into the experiences of primary school teachers and parents and families of primary school-aged children with online and remote learning of maths content during this time. This research hopes to develop avenues for more effective online maths learning for teachers and families. 
Who are we?  
The study is being conducted by Dr Kelly Johnston, Professor Rebecca Bull, Professor Garry Falloon and Dr Emma Burns who specialise in primary mathematics and technology in the School of Education at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Dr Johnston can be contacted by email ( 

If you can, please complete the survey found here: SURVEY

Thank you!

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Rising from Challenges to SELutions
Texas’s Inaugural Statewide SEL Conference!

September 15

Hosted by SEL4TX, this virtual event provides a full day of high quality sessions presented by SEL thought leaders from around the nation and across the state. At a time when challenges in education have reached an all-time high, the need for SEL in schools has never been greater.

All education professionals are welcome. The conference is perfect for district, school, and classroom educators who are preparing to implement SEL approaches and programs in the coming school year. This unique and timely conference will leave participants feeling inspired and equipped to Rise From Challenges to SELutions!
Early Bird (before August 1, 2021) – $99
After August 1, 2021 – $119
CEs offered for most education professionals!
  • Teachers
  • Counselors
  • School/district administrators
  • School psychologists/LSSPs
  • Social Workers

Learn more and register.

National 2021 SEL Conference Access Pass

August 2 –15

SEL4PA and CPSEL invite you to prepare for back-to-school by viewing recorded sessions from their 2021 National Social and Emotional Learning Conference.

The Center for the Promotion of Social and Emotional Learning’s (CPSEL) National Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Conference Access Pass provides access to 32 video recordings of sessions offered during the conference. Presenters include researchers, practitioners, and other leaders in the SEL field. Sessions focus on a variety of aspects of SEL for teachers and students, building and district leaders, as well as researchers and educators in higher education.

Access open Monday, August 2, 12 a.m. EDT – Sunday, August 15, 11:59 p.m. EDT. Cost is only $100. Learn more and register.

Join the August SEL Showcase Challenge

Share your August 2021 SEL showcase on Friday, August 27th with a social media post using #SELshowcase and tagging @SEL4USA and @caselorg so we can feature you.

August 2021 Challenge

How will you leverage American Rescue Plan Act dollars to advance social and emotional learning? Share one priority area for SEL investment for your school or district.


We can't wait to see your posts, celebrate SEL with you, and share your showcases on our SEL Showcase Challenge page!

Upcoming Challenge Calendar

Ready to help spread the word about the monthly SEL Showcase Challenge? Check out our Challenge Calendar with topics and prompts for the next few months.

Revisit our SEL Showcase Challenge page throughout the year to see how the SEL community around the world is celebrating SEL. Learn more and sign up today!

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“In presenting the sweeping narrative of American history, African Americans have for too long, been cast in minor roles far from events, personalities and themes that become engrained in every student’s memory. In New Jersey, that is all changing ... ”

The Amistad Commission Virtual Summer Institute Professional Development Course

The wait is over! The Amistad Commission - NJ Department of Education is excited to launch our inaugural on-line class, our virtual Summer Curriculum Institute Course for Educators and Administrators. Please join us.


Our virtual professional development course will launch on Tuesday, August 18th -  Saturday, August 22nd , 2020


The American Paradox:
An Analysis of Special Topics for NJ Schools on the Legacies of Structural Racism, Systemic Disparities, Self-Government, Enslavement, Native Dispossession,

Democracy, Civil Liberties and Civic Engagement throughout our American Narrative in the Classroom

Course Information and Registration is available now at:


Deadline to register is Sunday, August 16th, 2020


*Virtual Sessions Tuesday-Thursday at 10:00 am and at 2:00 pm*

*Virtual Sessions Friday-Saturday at 10:00 am - 2:00 pm & 6 pm*


*Daily uploads to our YouTube Channel of PD materials for the following day’s lecture preparation*


*Lecture schedule and daily log-in credentials meeting ID and passwords will be emailed to registered participants only- no one will be admitted into the virtual sessions without registering in advance via this event form.  Please subscribe to our YouTube channel in preparation for the professional development course - TheNJAmistad Channel


We hope that you will join us to learn on August 18th for this free PD opportunity for New Jersey Schools!

Course Description:

August 2019, marked the 400 year anniversary in Tidewater Virginia, where at the banks of the Jamestown River, American democracy and American enslavement emerged hand in hand. That marriage of ideals had consequential offspring, which have provided a complex inheritance for every generation of this nation’s citizens for the last 400 years. 2020 has catapulted our national attention and our family discussions, national news, social media platforms, and timelines have been filled with the remnants of these consequential offspring. We currently find ourselves in conversations involving our current global pandemic with its ever-climbing fatalities and evidenced medical disparities among communities of color; economic upheavals; federal and state’s rights debates and clarifications; constitutional and civics education reviews; political party infighting and polarizations; voting disenfranchisement concerns; questions of medical bioethics; conversations regarding reforms after the witnessing of police brutalities; civil rights and racial injustice; economic upheavals with the possibility of impending foreclosures and evictions; and finally the explications of structural racism, social justice, and policy changes.

This summer our proposed institute topic selection has been identified and abridged based on both our current national and global events. Our current realities and circumstances have created increased inquiries from teachers across the state, to the Amistad Commission for a multitude of areas for historic understanding, resources for students, and suggested learning approaches; most especially with the transition to online and remote learning. In response, we have crafted a late summer  professional development session before our Educators begin their school year that will provide content lectures, resources, as well as student engagement and classroom strategies.

Our goal is to assist NJ Educators and Administrators who tackle issues ripped from our headlines that are embedded throughout the NJ Learning Standards and Progress Indicators for Social Studies and district curriculum maps. At this moment, a space has been created for an indispensable teaching moment to educate our teachers and administrators, on the historic legacies at the root of our daily conversations that will no doubt continue to extend to our classrooms. It is a history that is only understood by telling the full story of our often-difficult American narrative. This must be part and parcel of all school curricula and professional development trainings nationwide.

This professional development online course will include virtual experiential learning, primary and secondary resources, lectures, multimedia presentations, curriculum development, and teaching strategies, lesson plan writing and methodology structuring sessions, we invite  NJ K-12 teacher, content specialist, administrators, and community stakeholders together  for these conversations while enlisting experts scholars in the varied topic areas of each lecture.




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Dear MSUNER Members,
Below you will find the Distance Learning Instructional Playbook created by teachers for teachers and shared with us during the ASCD summer conference.
I hope this helps.
Warm regards,
The Distance Learning Instructional Playbook:  every Thursday teachers got together from around the world to create this playbook to help teachers. Courtesy of ASCD
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