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NJPSA 2020 Virtual Fall Conference Schedule - October 2020

As we begin the 2020-21 school year, now is a great time to review the schedule of events and register for one or all three days! 
  • All sessions will be held on Zoom.
  • Attendees can join a breakout session live, or watch a recorded version at their convenience.
  • Keynotes by George Couros and Zaretta Hammond will be recorded and may be viewed live or at a later time. However, the interview and live Q and A with Captain “Sully” Sullenberger will not be recorded.
  • Those who register for one-day-only will only have access to the live presentation or recordings of that day’s sessions. Three-day registrants will have access to all conference sessions, live or recorded.
  • Please review this schedule of all keynotes and virtual workshop sessions. After you register, you will be sent more information on how to join the conference live and attend your sessions.
  • The schedule was built with flexibility in mind, so you can attend as many sessions as you can live from your office or wherever is most convenient and still have the ability to work between sessions. If you have to miss a session, that’s OK. You can always watch the recording later.

  • NJPSA Members: $292 (3-day)   $149 (1-day)
  • Non-members $345 (3-day)   $195 (1-day)
  • Retired NJPSA Members: $200 (3-day)   $125 (1-day)
2020 NJPSA/FEA/NJASCD Fall Conference - Schedule
9:00 am - 10:00 am
Keynote - George Couros - Building Resiliency Through The Innovator’s Mindset 
10:30 am - 11:30 am
Workshop Breakout Session 1
  1. SPECIAL SESSION: Creating Blended Learning Environments - George Couros
  2. Supporting Challenging Students: Mental Illness and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) - Dumar Burgess and Aaron Edwards
  3. Creating Effective ESL and Bilingual Program - Julie Ochoa
  4. Formative Assessment: An Essential Tool for Hybrid Teaching and Learning - Janet Ciarrocca
  5. LEGAL ONE Session - David Nash, Esq. and Sandra Jacques, Esq.
  6. Retirement Seminar - Robert Murphy
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Workshop Breakout Session 2
  1. Arts Integration for Non Art Classroom - Kim Tucker
  2. Principal As a Coach - Tom Marshall
  3. Standards Based Grading & Assessment That Boosts Student Achievement - Jack Marcellus
  4. Looking at The Man In The Mirror: Exploring the Effects Our Implicit Biases Have on Our Practice and the Move Towards Positive Change - Jennifer Minaya-Osemwegie 
  5. Our Journey with CAR: How One School Experienced a Rebirth of Teaching and Learning - Tom Conroy, Christina Scaduto, Dena Dias, and Christin Morales
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Workshop Breakout Session 3
  1. Education, Can You Hear Me Now? Using Podcasts in the Classroom - Joseph Stefanelli and Rebecca Decker
  2. Persistent Leadership Challenges and Evolving Issues during COVID-19 and Beyond - Dr. Adele Macula, Marie Adair, Dr. Bari Erlichson, Joanne Kerekes, and Willa Spicer
  3. Building Communities Through Restorative Practices - Robyn Ivanisik
  4. Beyond Woke: Doing the work to address trauma, build cultural capacity and create opportunity for positive relationships in our schools - Tracie E. Morrison
  5. Technology as Friend or Foe? Strategies for Distance Learning in Early Childhood Education - Andrew Coban, Nicole Shanklin, Michael Vargas, and Stephen Puglia
  6. PLC + LMS = Personalized Staff & Student Learning = Successful COVID Caused Distance Learning - Dr. Michael Vinella and Mathew Hanas
9:00 am - 10:00 am
Keynote - Zaretta Hammond - The Roots and Wings of Resilience When Leading for Equity
10:30 am - 11:30 pm
Workshop Breakout Sessions 1
  1. SPECIAL SESSION: Staying Rooted in Instructional Equity During Distance Learning - Zaretta Hammond
  2. Engaging the Whole Family - Dr. John J. Cafagna and Dr. Kirk Rickansrud
  3. VOICES: How One District Shifted From Neutral to Zoom-ing Ahead to Strengthen Teaching, Leading, and Learning in the Face of COVID Closure - Emil Carafa, Susan Gilbert, and Jeannine Lanphear
  4. LEGAL ONE Seminar - David Nash, Esq. and Sandra Jacques, Esq.
  5. Retirement Seminar - Robert Murphy
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Breakout Workshop Session 2
  1. What the Virtual Learning “Pilot”, Created during the Pandemic, Means to the Future of Schools - Rick Cave
  2. Doing School Differently: Time For Change is Now - Jay Billy
  3. Addressing Trauma and ACEs Through Healing Centered Engagement: Now More Than Ever! - Thomas Barclay, Susan Coyle, and Rosie Grant
  4. The Feedback Process - Dr. Robert Price, Kim Tucker, and Dr. Julie Glazer
  5. Reimagining the Gifted and Talented Identification Process to Increase Equity and Access - Jane Losinger, Bruce Preston, and Erin Fedina
  6. Sharing Your Story Utilizing Social Media and Branding in the Digital Age - Scott Pasner
  7. Supporting Student Engagement and Attendance in a Virtual Learning Environment - Mary Beth Currie and Vicki Duff
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Breakout Workshop Session 3
  1. Rise & Shine: NJPAC’s Collaborative and Core Values Based Approach to Virtual Arts Programming - Lisa Gunn-Becker, Sheikia “Purple” Norris, and Ashley Mandaglio
  2. Leading with Brand Clarity During Times of Challenge - Trish Rubin
  3. Addressing Anxiety and School Refusal: A Journey Through Creating a Therapeutic Program - Jessica Gluck and Ray Renshaw
  4. High School, It's Not Just About Grades - Dr. Kwame Morton and Allison Staffin
  5. Culturally Responsive Guide to Non-Racist Communication - Robin Harden Daniels
  6. Using Digital Tools to Inform Instruction - Michele Papa
  7. The Road Back - Peggy McDonald

9:00 am - 10:00 am
Breakout Workshop Session 1
  1. SEL Through High Quality Arts Education - Bob Morrison and Kira Rizzuto
  2. School Leadership Teams: Building an Inclusive School Culture - Robin L. Moore, Ed.D.
  3. Healthy Staff Room, Healthy Classroom: Building an Impactful Staff Wellness Program that Supports, Rewards, and Inspires - William Smith and Brian Savage
  4. Teach Your Class Off: Moving Your Class From Surviving to Thriving - CJ Reynolds
  5. Creating Equity and Opportunity: Option 2 for Newcomers - JoAnne Negrin, Ed.D., Andrea Fontenez, Ed.D., and Mary Ann Mena
  6. Make It Visual: 9 AWESOME Reasons to Bring Infographics Into Your World - Jackie Frangis and Bobbie Felip
10:45 am - 12:00 pm
Keynote Presenter - Captain Sullenberger
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Breakout Workshop Session 2
  1. SPECIAL SESSION: Blogging as Professional and Student Portfolio - George Couros
  2. Leading Through Crisis - Dan Simon
  3. Teaching Mathematics to English Language Learners in the General Education Classroom - Dr. Darlyne de Haan
  4. Culturally Responsive Teaching: Building a Community of Practice Through the Arts -
    JoAnne Nocera
  5. Essential Elements for Blended Learning: Maintain Continuity and Student Engagement to Accelerate Literacy - Brian Lepire
  6. LEGAL ONE Session -  David Nash, Esq. and Sandra Jacques, Esq.

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