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Dear MSU Teacher Education Graduate,

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and/or completion of the Teacher Education program! To provide support for you in your first years of teaching, we are inviting you to join our school/university partnership, the Montclair State University Network for Educational Renewal (MSUNER), as a MSUNER Associate.

MSU graduates who apply to become MSUNER Associates will have the opportunity to attend various professional development activities offered throughout the school year including the Summer Conference held every June. As you progress in your teaching career, you will have the opportunity to expand your teaching and leadership roles within the MSUNER to become a Clinical Faculty member with privileges such as being a cooperating teacher or on-site education mentor for student teachers, co-teaching student teaching seminars on campus or on-site, and teaching in the MSUNER professional development series.

The overarching themes of the teacher education program at MSU are embedded in the Agenda for Education in a Democracy, and include the enculturation of students into a political and social democracy, providing access to knowledge for all students, practicing pedagogical nurturing, and taking responsibility for stewardship of best practice in schools.

As a MSUNER Associate, you will receive support to bring the four dimensions of teaching into your classroom. So if you are an educator who practices teaching for critical thinking, sees yourself as a lifelong learner, and recognizes the moral dimensions of teaching then make the move and apply to become a MSUNER Associate.

To access the online application, CLICK HERE


Dr. Marilyn Davis
Director, Montclair State University Network for Educational Renewal


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